A Young Man's Journey
Healing for Young Men with Unwanted Homosexual Feelings
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Chapter 3: At fifteen years old during my sophomore year I went to visit with a clergyman for spiritual advice.  I went to the church office and sat on a large wooden chair waiting for my appointment.  I rehearsed over and over what to say.  The door opened, and he poked his head out from behind and welcomed me into his office.  We sat down and he asked, “What can I do for you?” ...PRESS FOR MORE

As a young man, Floyd struggled with unwanted attractions to other boys. He worked furiously to keep God's commandments and pray, but the feelings wouldn't go away. He was tormented by temptations on a daily basis, and started to consider that perhaps he WAS bom gay. Ultimately, he met a man who had changed his own homosexual attractions. Floyd attended a conference organized and taught by others who had changed their orientation. The stories at the conference were life-changing! Although he had spent a couple of years with a counselor, it was the first time he heard information that actually made sense. Floyd began to realize the attractions were symptoms of emotional needs and wounds. As he focused himself on the emotional issues, his attractions to other boys diminished.

"This workbook is written for young men who want to understand the emotional needs and wounds which generate homosexual feelings. It provides insight and understanding in a simple format. It can be used for parents, clergy, and counselors as a format for supporting young men who want to change. Goals and healing activities can be established from concepts in each chapter.

Thousands have experienced change. 'Born that way' is a myth."

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'A Young Man's Journey'

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A Young Man's Journey - Healing for Young Men with Unwanted Homosexual Feelings
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